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1. BOOKING: once the management receives the first payment, the costumer is going to receive the “confirm letter”, which confirms their booking. As the costumer receives it, he/she automatically accepts all the following booking’s general conditions.

2. FIRST PAYMENT: the first payment consists in 20% of the whole amount. Its transition can be directly done or through bank transfer, postal order, cheque and by following the indications the consumer can find in the booking letter. At the check-in, when the costumer is going to receive the keys, he/she is going to pay the balance, by cash, bank transfer, cheque or credit card.
3. CANCELLATION: whenever the costumer, for any reason, would surrender their confirmed reservation, has to send a written notice at least 14  days before the arrival. Only in this case, the management is going to hold the sum and release a voucher for a next booking by the same costumer, or its relatives/friends, within the following year. The first payment will not in any case be returned.

4. ARRIVAL: the costumer can enter the apartment the day of the arrival  from 4.°° pm to 8.°° pm. In case of delay, the costumer has to rapidly notice the management by a phone call or email. Otherwise, the reception is going to hold the apartment up to 10:°° of the following day; after that, it can be booked again by other costumers and no payments are going to be refunded.
5. DEPARTURE: for the departure day, the costumer must leave the apartment at 9:°° am, cleaned and tidy. This means: to throw out the trash, to wash the crockery,to empty the fridge and to leave it open (do not remove the ice from it). Otherwise, the costumer can book the final cleaning at the reception by paying € 80,00.
6. EARLY DEPARTURES: the management will not refund not benefited nights, for any reason.
7. APARTMENT’S CARE: the costumer is committed to take the best care of the apartment and its services. The consumer can complain about eventual unsatisfying situations to the reception until the first day. Any damages must be refunded. The staff is authorized to control the apartment’s status, even when the costumer is absent.

8. DEPOSIT: at the discretion of the reception, at the check-in, a deposit of  € 100,00 may be required for any damages, and it is going to be given back at its departure, once the staff  has checked the apartment’s status. If the costumer leaves the apartment before 7:00, the management is going to send the deposit back through bank transfer, once the staff has checked the apartment’s status. The deposit at Bibione Residence Apartments is mandatory.

9. AIR CONDITIONING’S USE: the service is included up to 80 hours/week. The costumer can manage them independently. For more hours the costumer has only to ask the reception and pay a little extra contribute.

a) every costumer has to observe the swimming pool’s timeline (where the pool is present).
b) every apartment must not host more people than the bedroom’s number. Babies count as adults.
c) The lessor doesn’t hold any responsibility due to injuries, damage to personal objects, losses, theft, delays and other problems that could happen inside or outside the apartment. The lessor will doubtless help each costumer to solve the situation.
d) the management has the right to change the booked apartment with another, with the same characteristics and in the same building. Any extras are charged to the management.
e) the management will try to manage every request (apartment’s number, floor, ecc), but without any guarantee.
f) if any service may lack due to forces, the costumer can’t ask any refund.
g) is prohibited to host any unknown people. Any relatives or friends cannot use any service, even the swimming pool (where the pool is present). Guests must be reported to the reception due to public security duty.

ANIMALS AND PETS: Animal and Pets must be indicated at the moment of the booking and are accepted at the discretion of the Agency, considering the regulations of each house and the will of the individual owner of the apartment. It is strictly forbidden to leave unattended animals inside the apartment. The customer is responsible for the damage caused by his own pet. Pets are not allowed in Bibione Residence Apartments.
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