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Place Zenit 5 - 30028 BIBIONE VE
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The amount of the deposit requested is 20% of total amount. Payment will made avaible to EuroCopass agency by post mail, cheque or through the bank. Balance due will be completed when apartment key will be handed to the client on day of arrival.
Reservation will be considered effective after the client has made a deposit payment.
As soon as EuroCompass Agency receives the deposit a confirmation letter will be forwarded to the client. You can pay the rest of the rent through with cash or credit card.

Via bank, deposits are to be paid to the following account:

Iban: IT69T0548436290000000001081
Agenzia Eurocompass - Piazzale Zenit 5 - 30028 Bibione/VE - P.I. 00385760277 - C.F. ZNNCRL39M17F770D -
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